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Meet the Bauce

Meet The Bauce

Meet the Bauce Falco Rodriguez

Falco comes from a culinary background and was working at The Smoke Shop, a local restaurant in Kendall Square, where guests would consistently ask for a spicier option when it came to hot sauce. That’s when the wheels started spinning and experimenting began. Falco hoped to create a specific hot sauce that would pair well with specific dishes. 

He turned his sights to starting his own business and creating more sauces. He would make them at home and give them as gifts. He bottles his sauces in 4oz or 8oz, the spicier ones coming in smaller bottles. Falco operates out of a kitchen that is completely professional, making sure that everything is clean and fresh. He gets his peppers from the Chinese market and in the summer he will hit up the farmers market to find the best ingredients. His biggest focus when making them is FLAVOR, stating that he is always looking to create something that mixes spice and flavor perfectly.

Falco’s future goals for the business will start with a pop-up shop in Boston where he will be able to showcase his wide variety of hot sauce flavors and culinary skills. He then wants to sell his hot sauce on the market and eventually open his own restaurant based around “great food with a little kick”. Follow Falco’s journey on Instagram at @baucesauces.


Written By: Lucas B, Kiana E, & Julia M.